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Can one fart from your furry
friend clear a room?

Is your dog a regular farter, leaving
you gasping for fresh air?

Reasons for gas in dogs  |  How to decrease gas in dogs
Slow down your dog's eating  |  Change your dog's diet
Try dietary supplements  |  Try probiotics  |  Exercise

why do dogs fart

Flatulence in dogs might be funny to some, but if your answer to the above two questions is yes your dog's problem is no laughing matter, and is definitely something you can live without.

Let me help you find out why some dogs fart excessively, and what you can do to learn how to handle your best friend's excess wind problems.

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Reasons for gas in dogs

why do dogs fart

Dogs pass wind for basically the same reasons as people do and flatulence is a normal bodily function that can't be stopped, nor should it be.

However, excessive gas can certainly be lessened; finding out the reason is your first step.

Flatulence is the result of gasses which accumulate in the digestive tract. These gasses typically get there in one of the following ways:

  • Infections, diseases and disorders of the gastro intestinal (G.I.) tract can cause excess gas production
  • If your dog has excessive flatulence with a foul odor, the culprit is likely dietary
  • The normal process of digestion produces gasses in the intestinal tract. Foul-smelling gas is often caused by bacteria in the colon which helps digest of foods that were not completely digested in the stomach and small intestines
  • Swallowing excessive amounts of air (especially from "wolfing down" food) can cause excessive amounts of gas. Remember, what goes in must come out. If your dog does not burp out swallowed air, it will come out the other end. However, flatulence from swallowed air does not usually have an unpleasant smell

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How to decrease gas in dogs

First off, check if your dog is showing any signs of illness?

Sometimes, it may be difficult to tell if your dog is sick or injured, because dogs tend to hide if they are in pain, which is a hangover from the time when dogs were not domesticated and sick animals were preyed upon.

Your dog cannot communicate with you in words, so you must rely on his or her actions and attitudes to guide you. You know your own dog better than anyone else, so you should be the first to notice subtle changes that indicate something is wrong.

why do dogs fart

If so, you must take your pet to have a check up before you attempt to address his or her flatulence.

Signs like diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite along with flatulence could mean he or she has a gastro intestinal (G.I.) tract problem.

Even if your dog is showing other signs of illness seemingly unrelated to the flatulence, you should still see your vet before trying to change his or her diet.

If your dog seems fine other than the gas, the next step is to make sure your pet is in overall good health. All dogs should have a thorough examination by a vet at least every 12 months. If your dog has recently been seen by your vet and received a clean bill of health, great. If not, it is best to make that routine appointment before trying to address your dog's flatulence yourself.

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Here are a few things you can change in an effort to ease your best friend's wind problems:

Slow down your dog's eating

Try feeding your pet several smaller meals throughout the day, or try placing an obstacle (like a ball or smaller bowl) inside your dog's food dish to slow him down. If your budget can stretch to it, it is well worth considering buying a ceramic bowl that is designed to slow down food gulpers. Something like the bowl in the following video is ideal.

The the video compares the same dog eating from a normal bowl and eating from a pause bowl - the difference is quite remarkable.

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Change your dog's diet

Like us the key to a healthy dog is what her or she eats.

The dog food you are feeding your pet could well be the cause of his or hers excessive gas. If you are feeding your dog a diet of kibble (dry food) or canned food, herein lies your problem.

Mother Nature intended dogs to be carnivores. Try preparing your dog's food yourself. A raw diet is best for his or her well being as well as for their teeth, but home made cooked food is equally beneficial.

It is important to remember when changing a dog's diet that if you do it too quickly you will give him or her diarrhea.

The benefits of pumpkin for dogs

I recently had the good fortune to adopt two adorable Maltese-Shih-Tzu crosses called Molly and Rosie.

I changed them from commercially produced food to raw food over a two week period without any problems at all.

Fortunately the previous owners had given them raw chicken necks, so my job was made a little easier than starting from scratch.

NB - cooked pumpkin and boiled white rice are excellent comfort foods for upset doggie tummies. As an added bonus, pumpkin is packed full of many vitamins and minerals.

You may find an article in Caroles Doggie World's catalogue titled People foods dogs should never eat helpful when you first start making home made meals - you will quickly learn what foods you can and can not feed your pet.

Raw non weight bearing bones are excellent for Fido too!

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Try dietary supplements

The use of Yucca and or Zinc acetate have been known to decrease the smell of fart's, but not the accumulation of gas itself. Activated charcoal is also thought to reduce flatulence smells. Before beginning any supplements, be sure to choose a product that is labeled for use in dogs.

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why do dogs fart

Try probiotics

Whilst the benefits of probiotics are debated among professionals, there is certainly no harm in trying to add more of the good bacteria to your dog's GI tract.

Be sure to use a high-quality probiotic that is suitable for dogs. Ask an Holistic vet for recommendations.

When making the above changes, it is best to try one option at a time in order to determine which works best and to eliminate what isn't working. If none of the above work alone, try combining methods one at a time.

Remember to seek the advice of your vet, if at any point your dog develops severe:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Any other signs of illness

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While waiting to see if any of these methods help, one simple way you can manage your dog's gas problem is through exercise. A simple walk within 30 minutes of eating can help move those gasses along more quickly, allowing him to get rid of them outside where the small is much less noticeable.

Image: David Young-Wolff/Getty Images

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